Working Principle of Glove Making Machine

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Working Principle of Glove Making Machine

Jun. 17, 2021

Glove making machines are knitting machines and different glove making machines have different working principles. Many glove making machines have problems with the structure of the yarn guide, which Glove Making Machine Suppliers share with you.

Next, we will introduce the working principle of the glove making machine. The glove-making machine consists of a frame, a needle plate fixed to the frame, a knitting needle embedded in a needle groove on the needle plate, and an open and close needle device including a machine head and a rubber band connected to the machine head. The inner bobbin of the outer bobbin case is set together with the bobbin seat of the outer bobbin. The I-beam guide of the inner and outer bobbin box is fixed on the rear guide of the frame. It consists of yarn guiding mechanism for mounting the inner and outer bobbin boxes. The I-beam guide is arranged above the center of the frame and the bobbin holders for the inner and outer bobbins are arranged in the middle of the machine head.

Glove Making Machine

Glove Making Machine

Glove knitting involves two aspects: knitting process and mechanical action control. The knitting process refers to the sequence of action of each mechanical part during glove knitting. Mechanical action control refers to the process of realizing the action of a particular mechanical part. A "flat knitting machine" used for knitting gloves. There are two types of machines, "horizontal machines" and circular machines, mainly horizontal machines. The Glove Making Machine can automatically knit single-finger, split-finger, interfinger and fingerless gloves. Its "triangle" structure is similar to that of ordinary flat knitting machines. Mechanical automatic glove flat knitting machine uses a set of high flat chain to control the number of revolving needles in each part of the glove knitted, and the structure is more complicated. Computerized glove flat knitting machine has a simple structure and a wider variety of products. During the knitting process of the glove flat knitting machine, the "cylinder" rotates in only one direction and can only knit cylindrical parts such as the palm of the glove. After the machine is turned off, the thumb or five fingers knitted by the flat knitting machine must be connected according to the requirements of the product in order to finish knitting the glove.

In the process of communicating with customers, we discovered the phenomenon that engineers who are proficient in knitting technology are often not familiar with mechanical design; engineers who are familiar with mechanical design often do not understand knitting technology. For this reason, we divided the confusing project we faced into two: the process control layer is the responsibility of the process software design engineer, who determines a set of programming instructions based on the knitting process of the glove. The knitting of each glove can be achieved by calling this set of knitting instructions. Each instruction is a combination of one or several actions. The motion control layer is responsible for the precise control of each movable part. Separate control instructions are provided to control individual movable parts, and the combination of part actions is done by the process layer. In this way, the motion control layer is designed largely independent of glove process issues, and glove process control is largely unconcerned with how the lower layers are implemented.

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